Thor is a family of coffee tables characterised by a geometric, sculptural and textural design. These coffee tables are designed to have a strong visual impact and to enhance the qualities of the different types of marble available.

Thor’s basic shape: low and rectangular or a perfect cube, give the room a rich and precious look. In addition, you can opt for a metal riser option that raises the block further, adding an element of elevation and interest to the overall design.

The choice of marble will influence the emotions and warmth the coffee table conveys. Different types of marble will offer various shades and visual effects, creating a unique experience. For example, a lighter marble might give a sense of brightness and lightness, while a darker marble might create a more intimate and sophisticated atmosphere.

In summary, Thor coffee tables are designed to be aesthetically appealing, highlighting the beauty of the different marbles available. Their presence can enrich a room and add a touch of luxury and sophistication to the overall decoration.

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